How To Access The Deep Web/Dark Web Safely 2018

So if you’ve been on the internet long enough, you’ve probably heard of these phrases. The Deep Web and The Dark web. If you’re curious let me explain what both of these are in simple terms, and how you can access them should you want to.

What Is The Deep Web

To understand the deep web you must first understand the term ‘the surface web’.

The surface web is what you’re currently on. The surface web can be accessed by anyone and includes websites that are indexed in google. YouTube, blogs, and any other website online that can be accessed by a google search are all part of the surface web.

The deep web is simply the part of the internet that isn’t indexed by Google or other search engines.

For example, when you check your emails, you are on the deep web. This is because nobody but you can access your emails as you need a password to get in, and the backend of your emails aren’t indexed by Google.

Often people get confused between the deep web and the dark web. What I have just explained is the deep web, you are perhaps looking for how to access the dark web.

What Is The Dark Web

The dark web is a subset of the Deep Web. It’s deeper than the deep web should we say. Also, know as the darknet it can only be accessed by a special browser, TOR.

The dark web is commonly known for illegal activity, hacking, cracked accounts and more that we will not mention in this article. Even though the dark web is commonly known for this it’s not everything that’s on there.

We will not list all the services you can get on the dark web but think online black market. There are things that are quite shocking if you’re not careful and don’t browse safely.

How To Access The Dark Web Safely 2018

So you’ve made up your mind you want to access the dark web. Make sure you follow these steps to do it safely. These steps, for the most part, will keep you safe, however, there are more advanced ways to access the dark web with additional layers of security.

If you’re just browsing the dark web you won’t need that.

Dark Web Browser

The most popular browser to access the dark web is TOR. Like I mentioned above you will need TOR to access the dark web. The dark web consists of .onion links which will not work on your standard browser.

Download TOR here and run the installation wizard. The installation is pretty standard, just make sure you untick run tor browser at the end. We don’t want TOR running without being connected to a VPN, here’s why.

When you run TOR by itself, your ISP can see that you have TOR open, and your running TOR through your own network. Usually through your house wifi. This means the entrance node to TOR will be your physical IP address.

Linking your physical IP address to tor is bad for obvious reasons.

When you use TOR with a VPN, your ISP will only see that you’re connected to that VPN. They will have no idea of your connection to TOR because your VPN will encrypt it. They also won’t see if you’re searching for Dark Web links on the surface web.

As well as that, your entrance node will be the IP Address of your VPN and not your home network.


What VPN To Use With TOR

When choosing a VPN, it’s important to choose one that will protect you at all costs. The idea of connecting to a VPN and them not protecting you 100% is scary as you are relying on them for your privacy.

Lots of VPN’s say they will keep you secure but often will hold logs or sell your data!

This means everything you browse will be logged to sell or just to keep on a database. Meaning if authorities come knocking, there’s a good chance they will give your information over.

Choose a VPN with no logs and fast speeds.

I use IPVanish to stay secure, they keep no logs, are easy to use and reliable. They also have cheap plans available. Check out their plans here if you care about your privacy.

Connecting To The TOR Network

how to access the dark web safely 2018
IPVanish VPN

So you’ve got your VPN running and your data is encrypted. Now you are ready to open the TOR browser. Go to where you installed it and click ‘start tor browser’.

If this is the first time opening TOR you will get the option to either connect or configure. If you are outside the courtries that have TOR blocked click connect. You will then be connected to the tor network.

Navigating The Dark Web

The most popular way to get around the dark web is to use the hidden wiki. Its basically a portal to other websites on the dark web. Its not the only way, just one of them. We will talk about the others in a minute.

To get to the hidden wiki copy this URL into your TOR browser.


The link often changes, I will try and update this when it does. If it’s not working, however, you can google hidden wiki link and you should be able to find it very easily.

how to access the dark web safely 2018
The Hidden Wiki

Another way you can browse the dark web is through a search engine called TORCH.

This will bring uncensored results and will search all .onion results. You can access TORCH at this link.


These two ways aren’t the only ways to find dark web links, there are many other ways.

Is It Illegal To Browse The Dark Web

The question everyone asks, is it illegal to browse the dark web? Well, there isn’t a clear answer to that and I don’t take the reliability of telling you what’s legal and what’s not.

Depending on where you located in the world, just simply browsing the dark web is not illegal. You can browse the dark web all you want without engaging in Illegal activity. So just simply searching around isn’t illegal.

Be careful, use common sense and don’t click on anything that looks obviously sketchy. Happy browsing!

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