how to download a youtube plalist at once

How To Download A YouTube Playlist At Once

Since YouTube was created in 2005 they still haven’t added an option to download a YouTube playlist at once. Maybe due to the copyright implications of adding a download playlist button to their site. There are different ways to download YouTube videos but here’s how to download an entire youtube playlist at once.

How To Download A YouTube Playlist At Once

Its no question that you have to use an external application to download a YouTube playlist at once, but which one do you choose and why?

I have always used YouTube By Click for downloading because to put it simply… It just works well. The software isn’t anything fancy but it allows you to download a youtube playlist in one click, as an mp4 or mp3 file. The program comes with ZERO adware, is lightweight and is extremely easy to use.

I’ve tried other programs to download a YouTube playlist but I’ve found YouTubeByClick to be the fastest and the easiest of them all.

So now downloading the software, head to their website and download YouTube By Click.

how to download a youtube playlist at once

The software is free to download and free to use for the first 24 hours, then you must get a premium membership which in my opinion is reasonably priced at $11.99 for a year and $14.99 for unlimited use of the software.

I brought the unlimited version of the software after the initial 24 hours were up because I download a fair share of noncopyrighted music playlists on YouTube.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the program it will look like this. There’s not really a lot to explain about the program and that’s why I like it.

how to download a youtube playlist in one click

Downloading a YouTube Playlist in One Click

First, find the playlist that you want to download. This program is aimed at those who want to back up their own YouTube playlists, but you can download any playlist on YouTube. Just know the copyright laws in your area.

Once you’ve found the playlist on YouTube click on it, and click on one of the videos inside. You will then get a popup from YouTube By Click which will prompt you to download.

how to downlaod a youtube playlist at once

You can either download the single video you clicked on in the playlist, or download the whole playlist in one click. Click download playlist. This will open this popup.

how to download a youtube playlist in one click

Here you can untick any videos you don’t want to download, choose the destination of the download. Change the format between video and audio, and change the quality.

how to download a youtube playlist at once

This is what will happen when the program starts to download everything from the playlist. Once done you will see all your files in the designated download folder.

How To Download All Songs From A YouTube Playlist

YouTube By Click allows you to download a youtube playlist in different file types including MP4 & MP3, thus making it easy to download all songs from a YouTube playlist.

You can download your own playlists or search for existing playlists.

how to download a youtube playlist at once

Downloading all songs from a YouTube playlist is done the same way you download all videos from a YouTube playlist, except you click to download MP3.

This will give you the same options to choose file location and quality but will only download audio. Remember to only download content that you have rights to. We don’t take responsibility for the content you download.

How To Find Playlists To Download

Using YouTubes search feature, there are a couple of ways you can effectively find playlists to download. No matter which way you use, you need to enter in a search term. I’m going to use the example of ‘hip-hop beats’.

how to download a youtube playlist at once

Once you type your search query and click search you can click YouTubes filter icon to filter the results. If you’re looking for free content that you can download without worrying about getting consent from the copyright holders then you can click on ‘creative commons’.

If you just want to filter by playlists and see a list of playlists that match your search query you can click on the playlist button.

Other features that may be useful include filtering by upload date and view count.

How To Uninstall YouTube By Click

If you want to remove YouTube By Click from your computer you can uninstall the program by running their uninstall wizard. To do this follow the following steps.

Note: this is how to uninstall YouTube By Click on Windows 10, the process, however, is similar to other versions of windows.

First, open the start menu and type control panel, this will bring up your computers control panel.

how to download a youtube playlist in one click

Next under programs click ‘uninstall a program’.

how to download a youtube playlist in one click

Find YouTube By Click and click uninstall/change. This will open the uninstaller wizard which you can go through and follow the onscreen instructions.

In conclusion

YouTube By Click is a lightweight tool to download a youtube playlist in one click. The simplicity of the program makes it easy for users to download with no additional adware or confusing features.

The program is free for 24 hours so if you’re just looking to download one playlist then you can download and uninstall the program after. However, the price for a premium membership is extremely cheap and if you’re going to be downloading a lot of YouTube playlists like me then $14.99 for an unlimited license is very fair.

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