How To Download Movies Using uTorrent on PC

How To Download Movies Using uTorrent on PC

Torrenting is the best way to download large files quickly. In this case, we’re using torrenting to download movies. This guide will show you how to download movies using uTorrent on PC.

Follow this if you’ve never downloaded a torrent before and we will have your first torrent downloading in minutes.

Quick disclaimer: does not promote or condone illegal file sharing, the practices shown in this article are to download legal torrent files. P2P sharing/torrenting is legal but some torrents may break copyright laws in your country. It is important to note that we are not responsible for your actions and what torrent files you choose to download.

How To Install uTorrent

The first step to downloading any torrent file is to download a torrent client. There are many available and are designed for peer to peer sharing.

The 2 most popular are uTorrent and BitTorrent. We’re going to use uTorrent. You can download it here.

Scroll down and download uTorrent classic. This is going to download an installation wizard which you can run and install uTorrent.

how to download movies using utorrent on pc

Download uTorrent classic and choose the free plan.

Once you’ve downloaded the installation wizard, run it and start clicking next through it. Agree to the first set of terms and conditions.

Be careful though, there are 2 optional offers in the wizard. You don’t have to accept these as they will install adware to your computer.

Simply click decline to the first optional offer and uncheck the box on the next page if you don’t want to install opera browser.

how to download movies using utorrent on pc

Now click next all the way through until uTorrent is installed. If you kept the box checked at the end of the installation, then uTorrent should open.

How To Download Torrent Anonymously

Torrenting without a VPN (virtual private network) makes everything you do, everything you download, available for your internet service provider to see.

This can become a problem depending on what torrents you download, and what you want to remain hidden from your ISP.

There have been several cases of ISP’s sending out letters to people that download torrents, which can lead to a lawsuit and a fine in the worst case. So stay safe and get a VPN.

Download and run a VPN when torrenting. This will allow you to download torrents anonymously by encrypting your internet traffic so your ISP can’t see.

The VPN we recommend is IPVanish. We have been using them for ages mainly due to the fact they don’t keep logs of their users. They also are reliable, have no wait times, unlimited bandwidth and used by thousands of people who download torrents regularly.

Download IPVanish here.

how to download movies using utorrent on pc

Click connect on whatever county you want to appear in. We chose the united states. As you can see we are now connected to Seattle US and anything we do will now be encrypted.

Choosing The Right Torrent

To find the movie you want to download, head to The Pirate Bay. You can access it here, however, the link often changes so if its down just google The Pirate Bay and you will find it.

how to download movies using utorrent on pcSearch for the movie you want to download and a list of available torrents will appear.

how to download movies using utorrent on pc

You will notice a lot of the results are similar. You can click on each file to read a description about that particular torrent.

When choosing a torrent you want to pick one with the most amount of seeders (SE). The higher this number, the faster it will download.

how to download movies using utorrent on pc

Click ‘get this torrent’ and then open uTorrent when the popup appears.

how to download movies using utorrent on pc

Here you can change where you want the movie to download, check what files are inside the torrent and change the name. Once your happy with this click ok and your torrent will begin to download.

how to download movies using utorrent on pc

Once your torrent has finished downloading it will be seeding.

Thats it! That’s how you download movies using uTorrent on PC. Once you have downloaded your first one, the process becomes so easy you don’t even have to think about it.





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