How To Watch Movies For Free Without Sign Up

Streaming movies are more popular nowadays than ever before. With the rise of free movie streaming websites that require no signup, its easy to watch new movies that have just been released, online in the comfort of your own home. Here are 5 free movie streaming sites that are safe to use.

This is for streaming movies online, if you want to download movies using uTorrent then follow this guide.

How To Watch Movies For Free Without Sign Up

Before you go to the movie streaming sites you must do these two things to stay safe.

Stay hidden from your Internet Service Provider with a VPN. When streaming without a VPN your ISP will be able to track what you’re watching. People have been sent letters and in some cases fines and prison sentences for watching copyrighted content online.

That’s why it’s vital to connect to a good VPN to ensure your safety.

I recommend IPVanish VPN, they’re cheap monthly plans give you no excuse if you value your privacy online. They hold no logs, have unlimited bandwidth and are really easy to choose one of their thousands of servers.


How To Watch Movies For Free Without Sign Up
IPVanish VPN

I also recommend you download an adblocker if you haven’t already. These movie streaming sites are usually full with spammy pop-up ads, some that will try to download adware to your computer. Stay safe and download an adblocker to remove the hassle.

I recommend uBlock, you can download it on all major browsers.

5 Movie Streaming Sites That Are Safe

Disclaimer: We do not encourage breaking copyright laws, make sure to check your local laws before watching content on any of these websites. Watching movies online through these sites may be illegal in your country.


How To Watch Movies For Free Without Sign Up as far as I’m aware is a newer movie website. They give you the ability to filter by category, star rating, date, search and you can also filter by what’s currently in the cinema.

The green smiley face shows tells you the quality of the stream for that movie, green means the best quality, amber means okay, and red means bad.


how to watch movies for free without sign up

Streamlord reminds me of the Netflix interface and I would say its a great free Netflix alternative. They give you the option to make an account and favorite movies, as well the website tracks your viewing history and recommends your movies to watch.

Streamlord site gives you a nice IMDB rating at the bottom of each movie, which is a nice touch as well.


how to watch movies for free without signup

Flenix is one of the best-looking sites out the list. The user interface is second to none. You can filter by the usual ways that most of these sites offer and they give you the IMDB rating when you hover over a movie.

They also have a nice coming soon feature that shows movies that are soon to be added to the site.


how to watch movies for free without sign up

Solarmovies is a classic and has been around forever. However, you can never be sure with this site if it’s the original or a clone version. Solarmovies moves servers allot and copy websites appear out of nowhere. I am unsure if this is the original Solarmovies, however, I know that it serves its purpose in playing movies online for free without sign up.


Again 1movie has lasted the test of time. This website also offers a huge variety of movies, one of the biggest I’ve seen. They have different ways to filter and even a top-watched page. This shows the movies that are watched the most on their website.


There are 5 movie streaming sites that are safe. These sites all allow you to watch movies for free without sign up. Of cours,e I can’t guarantee that you will be 100% safe if you choose to use these but there are signs to look out for when choosing a streaming site and all these passes.

Be sure to use a VPN to stay safe from your ISP. That’s a bigger issue than finding a website that might be infected by malware.

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